Domestic Logistics

Our Strengths in Domestic Logistics Services

PNS Networks has been proudly serving various companies including SK hynix with its vast experience and know-how in domestic logistics services.

Shipping and delivery services within South Korea include cargo transportation between semiconductor manufacturing sites, transportation of semiconductor materials and domestic ground freight services.

3S's: Speed Limit + Safe Driving + Saving Time

Our Experiences and Know-how

  Years of experiences and expertise in domestic ground freight

  Ground freight services optimized for semiconductor suppliers

  Responsible for logistics of prestigious companies such as SK hynix,
the world's top semiconductor manufacturer

  Zero accident since July 2014

Transportation between semiconductor factories

Transporting 300mm wafers, finished goods and semiconductor chips for testing and packaging

Transportation of materials for semiconductor

Transporting 300mm wafers and finished products including modules for semiconductor devices

Transportation for finished semiconductor products

Transporting finished products between domestic retail distributers

Serving LG Electronics, Samsung, Hyundai Greentech, LB Lusem,
Nepes and Terrasem among others